Shortcodes Index


Accordions are a UI pattern where you click on a title (in a vertical stack of titles) and a panel of content reveals itself below. read more


If you wish to use a multiple column layout for the content (as seen below), you can easily achieve this by using the grid shortcode system. read more


You can use the feed shortcode to place an RSS feed exactly where you want it, on any page of your liking. read more


Tabs are a horizontal tabbed navigation system that allow the user to access multiple pages of content on one page. read more


The [menu] shortcode allows you to place menus anywhere on your site. read more

Featured Images

Post Thumbnails allow you to add the post/page featured image directly on the page/post. read more


[loop] is a very powerful shortcode that allows you to customize the type of content to display. read more

Bootstrap Shortcodes

These shortcodes below take advantage of some of the styles offered in bootstrap. read more

Shortcode Intro

Use this sections index page. In This Section: Introduction A Shortcode is a WordPress-specific code that is used in post/page content or the section widget to execute a piece of dynamic code. For example, the shortcode [year] will display the current year. The word “year” is the shortcodes identifier/name. How can this be useful? Well […] read more