Features Guide

The UBC CLF has a 12-column grid system, improved typography and fonts, dozens of UI components, icons, widgets, buttons, and styles for just about every design need.

In the Feature Guide you will find the various popular and useful features from WordPress widgets, featured images to WordPress shortcodes. This guides purpose is to reveal what is available for users right out the box, what can potential be achieved with some extra work and understanding, and a simple break down on how to use the features.

This section gathers information from multiple resources but mainly from the UBC Wiki and the UBC CLF Website .



An introduction to widgets and commonly used widgets.

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Featured Images

Featured Images

Featured images are an easy way to visually enhance your websites posts or pages.

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Shortcodes are used to perform complicated tasks and functions but with simple, easy of use.

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Perhaps for more advanced users or for those who want to learn a bit more about styling a webpage.

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Thumbnail Boxes

Create visual boxes that can be used to visual introduce a sections content.

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